Simple React Component for adding a floating WhatsApp button to your project.

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React Floating Whatsapp

Simple react component for adding a floating WhatsApp button to your project.

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npm i react-floating-whatsapp


yarn add react-floating-whatsapp


  • Added: Default Avatar using generated random avatars
  • Added: New Prop height that allow to control the chat box height.
  • Added: New Prop notification that enable/disable repeated notifications sound and indicators.
  • Added: New Prop notificationDelay to set the time delay between notifications in millisecond.
  • Added: New Prop notificationSound to allow notifications sound.
  • Added: Message typing effect before chatMessage appears.
  • Fixed: Chat box css position Thanks to @jpmedeirosmorais and @jorgemndoza
  • Modified: Refactor state using useReducer Hook.
  • Modified: Prevent toggle open/close the chat box.
  • Modified: CSS stylesheet import, now its applied inline.
  • Updated: App dependencies


import React from 'react'
import FloatingWhatsApp from 'react-floating-whatsapp'

export default function App() {

  return (
      <FloatingWhatsApp {/*  Props  */} />


Prop Type Options Description Default
phoneNumber String Required Phone number in intenational format 1234567890
accountName String Required Account username Account Name
avatar String Optional Change user avatar using static assets UI Faces
statusMessage String Optional Text below the account username Typically replies within 1 hour
chatMessage String Optional Text inside the chat box. Hello there! 🤝 \nHow can we help?
placeholder String Optional Input placeholder. Type a message..
darkMode Boolean Optional Dark style. false
allowClickAway Boolean Optional Closes the chat box when user clicks outside false
allowEsc Boolean Optional Closes the chat box when Escape key is pressed false
className String Optional CSS className applied to the main wrapping Div custom-class
styles CSSProperties Optional Inline style applied to the Button only {}
height Number Optional Control chat box height 300
notification Boolean Optional Allow repeated notifications (Disabled after user opens the chat box) false
notificationDelay Number Optional Time delay between notifications in millisecond 18000
notificationSound Boolean Optional Allow notification sound false

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