ICO Fundraising component includes: countdown, progressbar, and milestones

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<script type="module">
  import reactFundraisingCountdown from '';


React component (react-fundraising-countdown)

This is a simple package that can be used for two purposes:

  • 1- Used for Countdown only (FlipCard countdown) day: hours: minutes: seconds
  • 2- fundraising campaign countdown, milestones, and progress bar to display the fund achieved progress compare to the minimum and maximum Fund target.

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inspired by React Flip Clock , A Pen by Libor Gabrhel

Getting Started

You can install via npm or yarn:

  • npm install react-fundraising-countdown -S
  • yarn add react-fundraising-countdown

Live Demo


The idea started when building a small website for an ICO campaign. So I thought of separating this fundraising countdown, fund progress, and milestones of a series of steps within the campaign from the main package so it can be reusable and serves as a starting point for further enhancement by developers to make it great and more useful.


const milestonesData= [{
  text: 'Campaign Start',
  cap: 0
  text: 'Minimum Goal $15M',
  cap: 15000000
  text: 'Maximum Goal $24M',
  cap: 24000000

  <h1>Just Countdown without progress bar or Milstones</h1>
  <FundClockProgress campaignEndDate={'2020-10-14'} />

  <h1>With Milestones & Progress bar for Crowdsale</h1>
    progressColor={'warning'} //bootstrap default colors: 'warning', 'info', 'success', ...etc .. please refer to bootstrap colors names
    // unitLabelTextStyle={{color:'#000', fontSize: '1.1em'}}

Live Demo


Name Type Default Desc
icoProgress bool false show progress when the time is up
campaignEndDate string (date format) 10 seconds from current date-time
currentFund number 0 the current fund your raised do far
softcap number 0 the soft cap you need to achieve to start your project
hardcap number the maximum cap needed
milestones array of object [] takes an object of two attributes (text, cap) see the example above
progressColor string primary color of the progress bar
milestoneLineColor string grey color to represent the line and milestone text
icoClockStyle object {backgroundColor:'#000' Clock Unit container Style
icoClockFlipStyle object {backgroundColor:'#000'} the folding Clock container style
icoClockFlipTextStyle string (color) {color:'#fff'} the clock digit text style of each unit
unitLabelContainerStyle string (color) {backgroundColor:'#000'} the Unit label Container Style
unitLabelTextStyle string (color) {color:'#fff'} the Unit label Text Style