A modified set of Firebase hooks designed for Gatsby.

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React Gatsby Firebase Hooks

Modified by davwheat for use with alexluong's gatsby-plugin-firebase.

CAUTION: The documentation is different for this modified set of hooks!

A set of reusable React Hooks for Firebase.

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Official support for Hooks was added to React Native in v0.59.0. React Firebase Hooks works with both the Firebase JS SDK and React Native Firebase, although some of the Flow and Typescript typings may be incorrect - we are investigating ways to improve this for React Native Firebase users.

This documentation is for v2 of React Firebase Hooks which involved a number of breaking changes, including switching from Object to Array returns - more details here. For v1 documentation, see here.


React Firebase Hooks requires React 16.8.0 or later and Firebase v5.0.0 or later.

npm install --save react-firebase-hooks

This assumes that you’re using the npm package manager with a module bundler like Webpack or Browserify to consume CommonJS modules.


There has been a lot of hype around React Hooks, but this hype merely reflects that there are obvious real world benefits of Hooks to React developers everywhere.

This library explores how React Hooks can work to make integration with Firebase even more straightforward than it already is. It takes inspiration for naming from RxFire and is based on an internal library that we had been using in a number of apps prior to the release of React Hooks. The implementation with hooks is 10x simpler than our previous implementation.

Upgrading from v1 to v2

After feedback on the initial release of React Firebase Hooks, we opted to change from Object to Array returns to allow for easier composition of hooks in v2.

To upgrade your project from v1 to v2 check out the Release Notes which have full details of everything that needs to be changed.