React component for displaying a gauge chart, using D3.js

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<script type="module">
  import reactGaugeChart from '';



React component for displaying a gauge chart, using D3.js


Install it by running npm install react-gauge-chart. Then to use it:

import GaugeChart from 'react-gauge-chart'

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart1" />


Check the demo below for live examples of the charts

To create a default chart

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart1" />

Chart with 20 levels and pointer at 86%

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart2" 

Chart with custom colors and larger arc width

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart3" 
  colors={["#FF5F6D", "#FFC371"]} 

Chart with other corner radius and larger padding between arcs

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart4" 

Chart with custom arcs width

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart5"
  arcsLength={[0.3, 0.5, 0.2]}
  colors={['#5BE12C', '#F5CD19', '#EA4228']}

Chart with disabled animation

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart6" 



Warning: Do not use the same id for multiple charts, as it will put multiple charts in the same container

Note: If you do any updates to the props of the chart, it will rerender with a different size (it's a bug). To prevent this set a fixed height for the chart e.g.

const chartStyle = {
  height: 250,

<GaugeChart id="gauge-chart1" style={chartStyle} />

The props for the chart:

Name PropType Description Default value
id PropTypes.string.isRequired Used for the identification of the div surrounding the chart
className PropTypes.string Add className to the div container
style PropTypes.object Add style to the div container { width: '100%' }
marginInPercent PropTypes.number Margin for the chart inside the containing SVG element 0.05
cornerRadius PropTypes.number Corner radius for the elements in the chart 6
nrOfLevels PropTypes.number The number of elements displayed in the arc 3
percent PropTypes.number The number where the pointer should point to (between 0 and 1) 0.4
arcPadding PropTypes.number The distance between the elements in the arc 0.05
arcWidth PropTypes.number The thickness of the arc 0.2
colors PropTypes.array An array of colors in HEX format displayed in the arc ["#00FF00", "#FF0000"]
textColor PropTypes.string The color of the text "#FFFFFF"
needleColor PropTypes.string The color of the needle triangle "#464A4F"
needleBaseColor PropTypes.string The color of the circle at the base of the needle "#464A4F"
hideText PropTypes.bool Whether or not to hide the percentage display false
arcsLength PropTypes.array An array specifying the length of each individual arc. If this prop is set, the nrOfLevels prop will have no effect none
animate PropTypes.bool Whether or not to animate the needle when loaded true
animDelay PropTypes.number Delay in ms before starting the needle animation 500
animateDuration PropTypes.number Duration in ms for the needle animation 3000
formatTextValue PropTypes.func Format you own text value (example: value => value+'%') null
Colors for the chart

The colors could either be specified as an array of hex color values, such as ["#FF0000", "#00FF00", "#0000FF"] where each arc would a color in the array (colors are assigned from left to right). If that is the case, then the length of the array must match the number of levels in the arc. If the number of colors does not match the number of levels, then the first and the last color from the colors array will be selected and the arcs will get colors that are interpolated between those. The interpolation is done using d3.interpolateHsl.