A small React library to help with user permissions

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A small React library to help with user permissions. This was largely inspired by react-lever, a small library to help with feature flags.


with yarn:

yarn add react-hall-pass

or without yarn:

npm install --save react-hall-pass


Example site

Using the HallPass component

import * as React from "react";

import { HallPass } from "react-hall-pass";

class Example extends React.Component {
  const user = {
    name: "example user",
    permissions: ["PERMISSION_1", "PERMISSION_2"]
  render() {
    return (
        <h1>Quick HallPass Example</h1>

        <p>public content for anybody to see</p>

            some content that should only be seen by those with the proper permissions (in this case, users that have the "PERMISSION_1" permission)

Using the hook directly

this is what the <HallPass> component uses under the hood

import * as React from "react";
import { useHallPass } from "react-hall-pass";

const OtherExample: React.FC = () => {
  const user = {
    name: "example user",
    permissions: ["PERMISSION_1", "PERMISSION_2"]

  // const passesChecks = useHallPass(userPermissions, requiredPermissions, exceptions?);
  const passesChecks = useHallPass(user.permissions, ["PERMISSION_1"]);

  if (!passesChecks) {
    return <p>you don't have the correct permissions</p>
  return (
      the user has the permissions required to view this content


param type required
userPermissions Array<string> | string true
requiredPermissions Array<string> | string true
exceptions Array<string> | string false

NOTE - currently no parameters have defaults

Note about exceptions

Be careful with the exceptions prop as it is powerful and can/will override the default behavior of strictly checking the userPermissions against the requiredPermissions. So in general, try not to use it unless you actually need it for an exception to the norm. It is mainly meant to be an available/accessible escape route.


I started working on this after looking at the afformentioned react-lever library that helps with feature flags. A few weeks into it, I realized that I hadn't really scoped out the landscape of libraries for permissions in react, but decided to continue making this after seeing a few that already existed.

A few goals I had:

  • render inside children (pass whatever you want to the HallPass component) - this is the "default" behavior
  • expose a hook that allows the developer to use the hook directly and not have to use the HallPass component
  • write the library in TypeScript
  • make sure that HallPass wasn't too opionated with regards to where it was used. I've seen a few libraries that make some assumptions on if you're using a certain state management library (ie. redux) or not, etc. (React-Hall-Pass is of course opionated by the fact that you have to pass an array (or string) and not some other custom data structure (though I guess that could change if it could be implemented well enough))
  • make sure the library was well documented (I'm a big fan of well documented things and learning from examples, so I'd like to document this library well and have a decent amount of examples for potential users of the library)

Also, this is one of the first things I've worked on in TypeScript, so feel free to help out if anything seems a bit off.


Thoughts/ideas/problems/fixes welcome. Please create an issue and we can discuss.


MIT © nickbouldien