a react library for representing a hand of cards

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A typescript React component for displaying and interacting with a hand of cards


Import the Hand component then pass it a collection of cards. You can optionally pass a height to the Hand component (default 600px). Make sure your cards have either cardText or an imgSrc. If an imgSrc is passed in, the card will display the image and ignore any cardText that has been included.

import { Hand } from 'react-handy'

const MyComponent = () => {
  // define a set of cards
  const cards = [
    { id: 'card1', imgSrc: 'some-url' },
    { id: 'card2', imgSrc: 'another-url' },
    { id: 'card3', cardText: 'some text to display on the card' },
    { id: 'card4', imgSrc: 'yet-another-url', cardText: 'this text will not display' }

  // add a function to each card that fires onClick
  for (card of cards) {
    card.handleClick = ({ id, position }) => {
      console.log(`card id: ${id}; position x: ${position.x} y: ${position.y}`)

  return (
    <Hand cards={cards} />

You must supply a unique id with each card (for now).

You may add an arbitrary number of cards to a Hand, but allowing large numbers of cards in a player's hand is not just bad game design, it will also result in choppy animations and difficulty selecting the correct card.

Ongoing development will focus on solving these issues around UX and performance, but this package does not seek to enforce arbitrary restrictions on what you decide to do.


Here's a simple NextJs app that uses the Handy library.