another react hook for the konami code

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A script to add a global listener to keystrokes to your project.

To Use

import useKonamiListener from 'react-hook-konami-code-listener';

const [match, reset, keystrokes] = useKonamiListener();

  • match - Returns a boolean value. Is set to false until sequence is completed.
  • reset - an optional function that can be called to reset state to match: false.
  • keystrokes - An array of keys pressed in the sequence. This resets to [] when a key out of sequence is pressed, and also at after a full sequence is complete. When its .length property matches the .length of the sequence array, state will be set to match: true.

If for some reason you need access to keystroke array

import { sequence } from 'react-hook-konami-code-listener'; This will give you the array: [38,38,40,40,37,39,37,39,66,65,]

match returns true or false boolean value, keystrokes is an array of keystrokes which will be reset to an empty array if a value outside of the sequence is pressed.


  • complete docs
  • update tests
  • possibly add optional callback function parameter