An identicon component for React.

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React Hooks Identicons

A dynamic React component that creates an identicon based on a provided string. This library is based on react-identicons but was rewritten in React Hooks to avoid deprecation warnings.


With npm:

npm i --save react-hooks-identicons

With yarn:

yarn add react-hooks-identicons


import React from 'react';
import Identicon from 'react-hooks-identicons';

const App = () => {
    return (
        <Identicon string='' />

export default App;


The following props are available:

Prop Type Description
string string Is used to generate the identicon.
size integer Defines the width and height of the identicon.
padding integer Adds padding in px to the blocks.
bg string Background color.
fg string Color of the blocks. If no color was provided, it generates the color based on the string.
palette [string] Array of hex color strings that will be used as color for the blocks.
count number Number of blocks. Allowed counts are 1-5.
getColor function The color for the blocks will be passed to the getColor function, if it was provided.

Only the string prop is mandatory. All other props are optional.


This library is based on the concept of react-identicons.