A html code viewer that can switch from raw to rendered code and copy to the clipboard

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react-html-code-viewer is a react component that can display rendered or raw html code, switch between the two views and copy the code to the clipboard.

It relies on the amazing react-element-to-jsx-string and react-syntax-highlighter


npm install --save react-html-code-viewer


import React from 'react'

import HtmlCodeViewer from 'react-html-code-viewer'

//import the component css in your project
import 'rhcv/dist/index.css'

import { darcula } from 'react-syntax-highlighter/dist/cjs/styles/hljs'

const App = () => {
  return (
      <HtmlCodeViewer highlighter={darcula} title="Example title" id="unique-id" active="raw" split onChange={(active) => { console.log(active) }}>
        <div>This is an example of how react-html-code-viewer works.</div>

export default App

The optionnal active prop will decide whether "html" or "raw" code will be initialy displayed

If no value is given, "html" will be the default value

The optionnal title prop will be displayed at the left of the labels

The optionnal id prop defines the viewer id and is added as a suffix so that radios in the component don't have the same name and id

If no id is given, a v4.uuid will be used but a conflict will occur between the server and the client in nextjs development

In a loop, a good practice would be to use the iteration index as the id prop

When a label is clicked, the associated radio triggers onChange and passes the string "html" or "raw" as argument

The optionnal highlighter prop defines the highlighting style of the code through the react-syntax-highlighter package.

agate is the default highlighter style

splitdefines if the component is mounted with the two views splited

Component example here


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