A library of SVG icons for use in reactJS projects

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React Icon Library

--- This project still currently being developed ---
This is library of icons that can be used as react components. Just import it in to your project via Yarn or NPM.

Table of Contents

Installation and Usage

Install via Yarn

yarn add react-icon-library

or NPM

npm install react-icon-library

Import into the component that you want to add an icon too

import Icon from 'react-icon-library';

Then add the component and pass it the iconName and color props (default colour is #4d4d4d)

<Icon iconName={iconName} color={color} />


There are three of every icon. 4px stroke. 1.5px stroke and 1px stroke. So pick the stroke that matches your project.

The current list of icons include:

  • AnalyticsGraphBar
  • AnalyticsGraphBar1
  • AnalyticsGraphBar2
  • Burger
  • Burger1
  • Burger2
  • CaretUp
  • CaretUp1
  • CaretUp2
  • Cross
  • Cross1
  • Cross2