React Identicon ===============

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<script type="module">
  import reactIdenticon from '';


React Identicon

Tiny React Component to render an Identicon hosted by Gravatar.


<<<<<<< HEAD <Identicon {id=''} {type='identicon'} {size=80} {...otherProps} />

  1. Fork or clone this repository.
  2. (Optional) Edit package.json if you intent to publish your package on npm.
  3. npm install to install all the required dependencies from npm.
  4. Hack src/index.jsx and src/__tests__/index.jsx.
  5. Lint/test using gulp.
  6. Don't forget to edit this file.


Creates a new <img> tag containing a gravatar image.

  • id is a string (which will md5-hashed internally). Same id will yield the same image. Different id will (most likely) yield different images.
  • type is a string which can be either identicon (the default), retro (like github), monsterid or wavatar). This is the type of avatar generated.
  • size is the image source in pixels. Note that this can be different from the actual display size of the image, if you specifcy styles.height for example.
  • All other props will be passed directly to the <img> tag (eg. style, className, onClick, etc).

<<<<<<< HEAD This module is written in ES6/7. You will need babel to run it.

  • Sanely configured gulpfile.js, package.json, .gitignore, .editorconfig, .eslintrc, .jsbeautifyrc.
  • Both CommonJS and ES6 modules are supported.
  • Linting and testing is pre-configured.
  • lodash, bluebird and should are included by default.



MIT Elie Rotenberg <>