Library for adding markup to images using shapes and text

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React Img Markup

Library for creating markup on images

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How to use

Install package:

npm i react-img-markup

  Import ImgMarkup component:

import ImgMarkup from 'react-img-markup'

  Pass imgSrc prop to ImgMarkup, use children with render prop structure:

<ImgMarkup imgSrc=''>
  {({ activeColor, setActiveColor }) => (
      <label htmlFor="color">Color:</label>
      <select name='color' value={activeColor} onChange={(e) => setActiveColor(}>
        <option value='red'>red</option>
        <option value='green'>green</option>
        <option value='blue'>blue</option>
        <option value='orange'>orange</option>


ImgMarkup props

  • imgSrc (string, required) - the src of the image you would like to add markup to.
  • imgStyles (obj, optional) - styles passed to the image.
  • onSave (func, optional) - callback invoked when image is saved. Will pass the uri as parameter: (uri) => {}.
  • encoderType (string, optional) - determines the format the file will be saved as. default is jpg but also accepts png.
  • encoderOptions (number, optional) - A number between 0 and 1 indicating image quality on save. The default is 0.8.
  • defaultValues (obj, optional) - pass options to give ImgMarkup default state values when component mounts.
    • type (string) - value for markup type. Includes: rect, ellipsis, line, arrow, and text.
    • color (string) - value for markup color. Can be any CSS color name, hex, or rgba.
    • strokeWidth (number) - value for markup stroke width. Accepts any numerical value.
    • fontSize (number) - value for markup font size. Accepts any numerical value.
    • text (string) - value for default text shown to user when text element is first created.


ImgMarkup render prop values

  • activeType (string) - state. The active markup type. Options are: rect, ellipsis, line, arrow, and text.
  • activeColor (string) - state. The markup active color state.
  • activeStrokeWidth (number) - state. The markup active stroke width.
  • activeFontSize (number) - state. The markup active stroke font size.
  • setActiveType (func) - sets state. will set the activeType state. Options are: rect, ellipsis, line, arrow, and text.
  • setActiveColor (func) - sets state. Will set activeColor state. Accepts string values.
  • setActiveStrokeWidth (func) - sets state. Will set activeStrokeWidth state. Accepts number values.
  • setActiveFontSize (func) - sets state. Will set activeFontSize state. Accepts number values.
  • undo (func) - will undo the last markup element the user created.
  • deletePath (func) - pass a path id to delete desired path: deletePath(id).
  • save (func) - saves the image with the markup. Will pass the uri to onSave when this function is called. Will also return uri if asynchronously await the call.
  • activePathId (string) - state. The id of activePath.
  • imgMarkupModifiers (obj) - react ref. Assign this ref to an element that wraps your modification elements to not lose the selected state when changing shape/text settings.


Contributions appreciated!

git clone
npm i
npm run start


  This library was kick-started using react-npm-package-boilerplate.