An infinite scroll mixin for React

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Infinite scroll mixin for React

Add the mixin to the array of mixins for your component and specify a fetchNextPage function to be called when the end of the page is reached. The fetchNextPage function should accept the number of the next page to fetch as an argument.

Take a look at examples/example.js to see a quick demo.



npm install react-infinite-scroll-mixin


Version 0.3.0 is made to work with React 0.14+ and you will need to install react and react-dom alongside this package.


var InfiniteScrollMixin = require('react-infinite-scroll-mixin');


The mixin makes use of the initialPage and offset properties of your component.

The initalPage property specifies the first page number passed to your fetchNextPage function (default 1). This can be used to start paging from 0 instead of one.

The offset property specifies how far from the bottom of the page the fetchNextPage function should be triggered (default 250).


I based this off of which is an infinite scroll addon for React.