Infinite scroll component for React in ES6

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React Infinite Scroller

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Infinitely load content using a React Component. This fork maintains a simple, lightweight infinite scroll package that supports both window and scrollable elements.


npm install react-infinite-scroller --save
yarn add react-infinite-scroller

How to use

import InfiniteScroll from 'react-infinite-scroller';

Window scroll events

    hasMore={true || false}
    loader={<div className="loader" key={0}>Loading ...</div>}
    {items} // <-- This is the content you want to load

DOM scroll events

<div style="height:700px;overflow:auto;">
        hasMore={true || false}
        loader={<div className="loader" key={0}>Loading ...</div>}


Name Type Default Description
element String 'div' Name of the element that the component should render as.
hasMore Boolean false Whether there are more items to be loaded. Event listeners are removed if false.
initialLoad Boolean true Whether the component should load the first set of items.
isReverse Boolean false Whether new items should be loaded when user scrolls to the top of the scrollable area.
loadMore       Function             A callback when more items are requested by the user. Receives a single parameter specifying the page to load e.g. function handleLoadMore(page) { /* load more items here */ } }
loader Component A React component to render while more items are loading. The parent component must have a unique key prop.
pageStart Number 0 The number of the first page to load, With the default of 0, the first page is 1.
threshold Number 250 The distance in pixels before the end of the items that will trigger a call to loadMore.
useCapture Boolean false Proxy to the useCapture option of the added event listeners.
useWindow Boolean true Add scroll listeners to the window, or else, the component's parentNode.