React Form Input Number with Support for Mobile Devices.

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React Input Just Numbers is a Hack to fix the issues with HTML Form Input type=number in Mobile and Desktops.

It eliminates the issue of accidentally changing numeric values when a user scroll's over the focused input as well as changing values with Up and Down Keys(In Desktop). It opens a Numeric Keypad in Both Android and IOS Devices. It Gives you an option of choosing just numeric keypad (just the digits, no .(dot) character) for IOS using 'onlydigits' attribute. Android has a .(dot) in its default Numeric Keypad.


$ npm install react-input-just-numbers  --save


Import it in your Component

import InputNumber from 'react-input-just-numbers';

Use it like a normal Form Component, add attributes and events as you would have added normally in an input[type="number"] field in React.

<InputNumber placeholder="Your Placeholder Text" value={someDefaultValue}
            onChange={(e) => someFunctionName(e)}


Add 'onlydigits' attribute to enable Numeric Keypad in Apple IOS Devices, Android opens it by default.

<InputNumber onlydigits placeholder="Your Placeholder Text" value={someDefaultValue}
            onChange={(e) => someFunctionName()}


MIT | © Ayushya Jaiswal