The simplest way to test a react component library.

Usage no npm install needed!

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React Install Render

The simplest way to test a react component library.

Running react-install-render package-name or react-install-render path/to/package will perform the following steps:

  • Install the package in a temporary directory
  • Render the component

CLI Usage

# react-install-render <package-name-or-path-to-package> <props-as-json>
react-install-render package-name --props '{ "someProp": "hello world!" }'

Library Usage

const rir = require("react-install-render")

rir("path/to/package") // or "package-name"
  .then(() => {
  .catch(e => {
    console.log(`Failed to install and render: ${e.toString()}`)


While maintaining the Universal Data Tool we found that developers would sometimes introduce dependencies that would break the installation process of the react application. This module helps prevent that, by introducing a simple way to test the installation and rendering of a component.

React Install Render tests the actual installation of the package, which is not done in most (all?) other react testing modules.