React Components for Ionicon v5 (with some enhancements)

Usage no npm install needed!

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React Ionicons v5

This is the React-component version of the wonderfully created Ionicons V5.

Demo site of all the icons

Quick Start

  1. npm install react-ionicons-v5
  2. In your React Component:

import { AddCircleOutline } from 'react-ionicons-v5'
// Or you can import the icons individually like so:
// import AddCircleOutline from 'react-ionicons-v5/dist/icons/AddCircleOutline'

class App extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return <div>
            <a style={{width: 50, height: 50}}><AddCircleOutline /></a>

let root = document.getElementById("app");

ReactDOM.render(<App />, root);

Main Tools / Software Used to Create this library:

(👏👏👏 Thank you! 💙💙💙)