Adds an isDeprecated method to the React.PropTypes object

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Add an isDeprecated to your React PropTypes.


$ npm install --save react-is-deprecated


react-is-deprecated provides two options for wrapping React.PropTypes. You can use the deprecate function (recommended) to wrap a specific type and output a warning whenever the prop is defined:

static propTypes = {
  deprecated: deprecate(PropTypes.string, `Your message here`)

If you'd like to have an isDeprecated function attached to all React.PropTypes options you can use addIsDeprecated.

const PropTypes = addIsDeprecated(React.PropTypes);
static propTypes = {
  deprecated: PropTypes.object.isDeprecated('Your message here.')

Note: addIsDeprecated returns a copy of the passed PropTypes instance and does not mutate the React.PropTypes. isDeprecated will only work on the PropType object returned.


deprecate(propType: React.PropTypes.[type], message: string)

Returns a function wrapping the propType argument with a check to determine if the prop is defined and, if so, log out a warning via console.warn once.

addIsDeprecated(input: React.PropTypes)

Returns an augmented version of React.PropTypes with isDeprecated added to all top level properties.

[type].isDeprecated(message: string)

If you use the addIsDeprecated function to return a new copy of React.PropTypes then each type will have an isDeprecated message. It is identical to deprecate with the exception that it is already bound to the [type] and just accepts the message.


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