Transforms a JSX string to a JSON tree

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Transforms a JSX string to a JSON tree


npm install react-json-parser

CLI Usage

react-json-parser [options]


-h, --help                     output usage information
-V, --version                  output the version number
-f, --file <file>              JSX file to read, defaults to stdin if not set
-o, --output <output>          JSON destination file, defaults to stdout if not set
-p, --pretty                   pretty-print JSON
-a, --accept [component type]  only accepts the specified component type, can be used multiple times
--no-plain-text                do not allow plain-text children    

When the file option is not provided, the JSX string is read from stdin, example:

echo '<MyComponent test />' | react-json-parser --pretty

API usage

parse(code, options)

Parses the provided code string using the supported options:

  • only: Array<string>: only accepts the provided components types, by default accepts any
  • plainText: boolean: allow plain-text children, defaults to true
const { parse } = require('react-json-parser')
const tree = parse(
  '<MyComponent test>Hello <ChildComponent /><OtherChild></MyComponent>',
    only: ['MyComponent', 'ChildComponent'],
    plainText: false,
// tree = {type: 'MyComponent', props: {children: [{type: 'ChildComponent'}], test: true}}