React component that pretty prints JSON object in a collapsible tree view

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React JSON Print

Pretty prints JSON object in a collapsible tree view. A Vue.js verion is available here


example JSON from:


npm install react-json-print


This package provides a react component to be used in your existing app. The component is compiled, targeting es2018, but you may also use the Typescript version.

import ReactJsonPrint from 'react-json-print'

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint dataObject={{}} />

Use the Typescript version

import ReactJsonPrint from 'react-json-print/src/react-json-print';

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint dataObject={{}} />



type: (string|number|boolean|null|object|array)

default: null

The data to be printed. Can be primitives, objects, or arrays. All values must be valid JSON types and all object keys must be valid JSON type. (ie. string not Symbol);

const myDataObject = {
  one: 1,
  two: 2,
  array: [

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint dataObject={myDataObject} />


type: (string)

default: (undefined)

The data to be printed, provided as a valid JSON string. The string will be parsed via JSON.parse. If both dataString and dataObject are provided, the dataObject value will be used.

const myDataString = '{"one":1, "two":2, "array":[true, false, "string"]}';

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint dataString={myDataString} />


type: (boolean)

default: false

Displays the entire tree in an expanded state. By default all nested nodes in the tree are collapsed.

const myDataObject = {

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint expanded dataObject={myDataObject} />


type: (number)

default: 0

Limits how many levels deep to display child nodes. Value of 0 will print all child nodes. Useful for deeply nested data, when you want to limit the number of node displayed.

const myDataObject = {

const App = () => <ReactJsonPrint depth={2} dataObject={myDataObject} />

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