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Evand Design System - react-jupiter

An UI design language with React implementation

🔱 Features

  • An enterprise UI design system for web applications.
  • A set of high-quality React components.
  • Written in ES6 and styled-components.
  • Use react-hook-form for form handling

📦 Install

  npm install --save react-jupiter


  yarn add react-jupiter

🙌🏼 Usage

  import { Button } from 'react-jupiter';

  ReactDOM.render(<Button>Submit</Button>, mountNode);

🛠 Development

Use Gitpod, a free online dev environment for GitHub.

Open in Gitpod

Or clone locally:

  git clone
  cd react-design-system
  npm install
  npm start

⬛️ Commands

start development and view doc. Open your browser and visit

  npm start

show stories of storybook. Open your browser and visit

  npm run storybook

running all tests:

  npm run test

show linter errors (linter prevent changes to commit):

  npm run lint

fix linter errors automatically:

  npm run lint:fix

create changelog:

  npm run version

generate static site of storybook:

  npm run build:storybook

build production of documents and samples:

  npm run build:doc

build version of design system:

  npm run build:lib

deploy updated storybook on project's github gh-page :

  npm run deploy:storybook

🤝 Contributing PRs Welcome

Read our contributing guide and let's build a better react design system.

🎓 Licence

react design system is available under MIT licence.