React component for JWPlayer

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react-jwplayer Build Status

A simple React component for JWPlayer embedded players


npm i -S react-jwplayer


First, make sure to import the component.

import JWPlayer from 'react-jwplayer';

react-jwplayer creates a <div> wrapping an <iframe> and does NOT currently provide access to JWPlayer's JavaScript API.

It has one mandatory prop, videoId, which is the MediaID (or KEY in the KEY-PLAYER pair) found in your JWPlayer Dashboard.

Simplest Example:

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import JWPlayer from 'react-jwplayer';

  <JWPlayer videoId="<your-id-here>" />,

The default player is in 16:9 aspect ratio and uses the Glow design.

Other players can be selected with the 'player' prop, which takes a string.

There are four valid options:

* '16' (default): A 16:9 player in the Glow theme.
* '4': A 4:3
 player in the Glow theme.
* '16loop': An autostarting, looping, chromeless 16:9 player, suitable for background video.
* '4loop': An autostarting, looping, chromeless 4:3 player, suitable for background video.
//This will output a 4:3 ratio player instead.
<JWPlayer videoId="<your-id-here>" player="4" />