JSON Web Token authentication and authorization component for React

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React JWT Auth

Token based authentication for react.

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Work in progress. Contributions are welcomed!


Satellizer, for its simplicity, clear code and maturity was initial source of inspiration. As there is no need to reinvent the wheel, some of Satellizer code has been reused where possible and adopted to React.


Before you start using component you should configure it, eg:

    <Auth baseUrl="http://localhost:8080/api/">
        <YourAwesomeComponents />

More in docs, configuration section.

Social buttons

Here is simplest example of social buttons in use inside of your component reder() method.

render () {
    return (
        <div className="form-group">
            <Facebook clientId="310178806023492" />
            <Google clientId=""	/>


You can run all tests with:

npm test

Test coverage

We run test coverage with nyc and [here][nyc-why] is why. [nyc-why]:

You can run test coverage task locally with:

npm run test:coverage

It will:

  • run all tests
  • generate coverage data
  • create coverage report files in ./coverage folder
  • check minimum coverage requirements set to 95%

Additionally we use for coverage badge generation. Coverage Status