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Opinionated Fullstack React toolkits featuring project generation, dev server, build production bundle, and common devtools.

Inspired by react-scripts from create-react-app

If you just start learning React, please try create-react-app

Why not create-react-app?

  • You want to house your own toolkit for your startup/company, with lots of opinionated customization
  • You want full control of your build configuration, but in a manner of reusable toolkits (e.g. react-scripts, kcd-scripts)


  • Node >= 8.10.0

Main features

  • SSR (Server-side rendering)
  • Universal Code-splitting (lazy + eager)
  • Full HMR (Hot module reload)
  • Data prefetching
  • DLL ready for faster rebuild
  • PWA ready

Tech stacks

React Redux React Helmet Async Express
loadable-component SASS Babel Jest


The project consists of following packages:

They're managed by Lerna so you don't need to do stuff manually (linking, releasing, etc) :D

Getting started

npx react-kits init myapp


# First, clone the repo
# then install

# Bootstrap packages
yarn bootstrap

# Ready to develop locally!

Release packages

npm run release

# This will run `build` script for each package before release