React mixins for managing component state with 'kurtsore' cursors

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This library is a collection of mixins for managing component state with kurtsore cursors.


$ npm install react-kurtsore



The CursorPropsMixin mixin implements an efficient shouldComponentUpdate for react components that receive cursors in their props. It is similar to react.addons.PureRenderMixin in that it assumes that the same non-cursor props and state shouldn't trigger a re-render.

Apart from state and non-cursor prop checks, it will return true iff the snapshots of the cursor props are different. You just need to add it as a mixin in your components that receive cursors as props:

var k = require("kurtsore"),
    React = require("react"),
    rk = require("react-kurtsore");

var Hello = React.createClass({
    propTypes: {
        user: React.PropTypes.instanceOf(k.Cursor)

    mixins: [ rk.CursorPropsMixin ],

    render: {
        var user = this.props.user.deref();
        return <h1>Hello, {user}</h1>


BSD 2-clause license, Copyright 2015 Alejandro Gómez.