A simple but flexible react datatable library built to support Laravel's pagination out of the box.

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A simple yet flexible react datatable library built to support laravel's pagination out of the box.

Heads Up: This library is still fragile and infant so do yourself a favor an handle it with care 🤓🤗. Do not forget to log your issues so I can follow up on them 👨🏿‍🏫.


npm i react-laravel-datatable


Link for a video tutorial

  1. First import package.
import Datatable  from  'react-laravel-datatable'; 
  1. Define expected column details. Details must be an array of objects with key(id,label);
    const columns =[
            id: "user_id", //This is the key from your data source. (Required)
            label : "ID", //Label for column title. (Required)
            id: "user_name", 
            label : "Name", 
            id: "user_email", 
            label : "Email", 

  • Define your data source. Please note that your data source endpoint should be an http GET method which returns laravel pagination object as a response.
    const dataSource = "htts://" ;

    A typical laravel pagination object will return the following.;
                     "name":"Andrew Chamamme",
                     "created_at":"2019-05-29 10:42:24"

Though the package is tailored to laravel's pagination, you can still use with other frameworks or vanilla code provided your data source endpoint returns a response just as it is above 🌚.

  1. Finally intialize the Datatable component.
    <Datatable url={dataSource} columns={columns} />

Advanced Options

This package gives you the flexibility to define your own callback functions on each cell as well as define you own action components or buttons.

Filter & Sort

The component already sends a couple of parameters in the query string when making request to the api endpoint. You can leverage on them to filter and sort results from the server side. A typical query string from this component will be ?term=&page=1&column=&order=asc&per_page=5 .

Param Description Example
term The search term entered in the search field hello world
page Current page number 1
column Column for sorting user_name
order Sorting order asc / desc
per_page Number of records per page 5

Action Buttons/Components

Action buttons or UI components can be added by indicating an ` actions ` prop in the `Datatable`. This prop  takes a function and your functnion can contain any valid react code but in this case its preferred to use it for button actions 👨🏿‍🏫 . At the point of when this function is being called, the current row object in injected into it.

    const  actions = (rowItem)=>{
            //Below is just an example. You can decide to do whatever you want here.🤓
           return ( <a  href={`/user/${}`}> Views </a>)

    <Datatable ... actions={actions} />

Onclick Event on cells

Maybe you want to add an onClick event to records in a specific column (cell). You can easily do that by indicating an onClick property in the columns defination.

    const columns =[
            id: "user_id",
            label : "ID", 
            onClick: (rowItem) => { 
                    //This is just an example. You can decide to do whatever you want here.🤓
                    console.log(`User ${} has been clicked `); 


All contributions and pull requests are welcome. Incase of any issue or suggestions please dont hesitate to log it on github or send a mail to .


  • Add styling ✅
  • Search field ✅
  • Bulk action
  • Editable cell