Starterkit for React libraries

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This provides the starting point for creating re-usable libraries/components for React.

Technology stack:

  • Transpiler: Babel
  • Bundler: Rollup (with rollup-babel-lib-bundler)
  • Libraries: React
  • Testing: Karma, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme
  • Linter: ESLint
  • Commit Hooks: Husky
  • Code style: AirBnB

Folder structure

dist - Distribution files for the component
test - Tests for the component
src - The source of the component

dist files are not under version control, they are being generated on npm install and npm publish through the prepublish hook. If you need the library to be available in a browser environment, use NPMCDN instead of linking directly to Github.


npm run build - Builds distribution
npm run lint - Lints all files
npm test - Lints and run tests

Choice of bundler: Why not Webpack?

I prefer rollup for libraries, because the shared scope across files resembles more of what the code what look like if I were to write the library by hand. It also saves bytes and we all know every byte counts. I prefer Webpack for apps, because Webpacks allows more or and more precise optimizations in single-page apps.

Things to improve on

  • Add code coverage with coveralls
  • Add badges