An overlay showing a loading indicator and retry button according to props

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The last loading indicator you'll ever need


What is this?

A loading overlay to cover a widget while it loads data. You may use several of them at the same time independently. Try the demo at Github.


  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Edge & even Internet Explorer 11
  • A translucent overlay with a spinner, invisible when everything is loaded
  • An error alert for when something goes wrong
  • A configurable retry button with a timer, for when retrying makes sense
  • Customizable background, icons and button colors via passing CSS class names
  • Bundled original SVG icons


npm install --save react-loading-retry-overlay


import React, { Component } from 'react'

import LoadOverlay from 'react-loading-retry-overlay'

class Example extends Component {
  render () {
    return (
      <LoadOverlay loading>
        your jsx here


  • loading: if true, the overlay and spinner will be shown
  • error: if true and not loading, the overlay and alert icon will be shown
  • retryEnabled: if true and the onRetry prop is also passed, the retry button will be shown
  • onRetry: a function with no parameters that will be called when the retry button is clicked
  • timeout: the number (string or otherwise) of seconds to countdown before retrying.
  • manualRetry: if true, retry only happens when the button is clicked
  • spinnerIcon: pass your own jsx here to be used as a spinner
  • alertIcon: pass your own jsx here to be used as an alert icon
  • retryText: pass your own text to replace the contents of the retry button
  • colorClass: set color and background-color in a CSS class and pass the class name here to be used only in the overlay.
  • errorColorClass: set color in a CSS class and pass the name here to be used only inthe alert icon and retry button.
  • className: you may pass an additional className to be used on top of everything.
  • silent: if true, failures will not be shown while retries are enabled. Timeout will be respected.


  • Automatic retry doesn't work in IE11. No countdown animation either.
  • icons and button sizes are fixed, because IE11 likes it that way.
  • retryText is overlaid on top of the button, so the button is a fixed size (in rems)
  • There's no error message UI. This is meant to be used independently in every widget, where there's usually no space, but you could replace the alert icon with a message.
  • No handling of actual requests, it's UI only.


MIT © IndianaGeorge