Miniature Polyglot.js-based i18n for React, keeping translation files local to React components a la CSS Modules. Supports Hooks.

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React Local Translations

Define both global, app-wide translations, and local, per-component translations for your React app.

Based on polyglot.js, with a few additions we found sorely lacking while whitelabeling.

npm i react-local-translations

Want the benefits of global translation files? Check out


See the tests

You wrap your app in an I18n.Provider and then make use of useTranslations or useLocale (we found that plenty of components only use the current locale). For legacy class component use, the translate HOC is also available, with the same signature as useTranslations, except that it passes through different props: t, g, getLocale.

Translate using t (return type of useTranslations, or this.props.t from translate):

t('key'), t.g('global_key'), t.locale, t.has(${thing}_help) ? t(${thing}_help) : ''

We recommend putting translation files in .json, but anything goes. Dynamic stuff is recommended to be in global translations. convertMissingKey and transforms are able to supply additional dynamic stuff.