A navigation based on react-router

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import reactMadNavbar from '';




npm install --save react-mad-navbar

Run Example

npm start

Build Example

npm run dist:example

Build The Component

npm run dist

You can finde the minified js file in dist folder.



import MadNav from 'react-mad-navbar'

Two props are needed.

<MadNav navItems={navItems} navConf={navConf}/>

navItems is an array of navigation items. For example:

    const navItems = [
      //'side' decides the direction of display,
      //the items which with the key 'href' will be rendered as normal <a> tag
      //the items which with the key 'to' will be rendered as <Link> component
      {text: 'Home', to: '/home', side: 'left'},
      {text: 'GitHub', href: '', side: 'left'},
      {text: 'About', to: '/about', side: 'right'},
      {text: 'Tools', to: '/tools', side: 'right'},
      {text: 'Gallery', to: '/gallery', side: 'right'}

navConf is an object with some style configurations.For example:

    const navConf = {
      //navbar background color
      barColor: '#C5E1A5',
      //font color
      fontColor: '#004D40',
      //small cover(used when collapsed,optional)
      smallCoverImage: snow_sm,
      coverImage: snow,
      //cover height
      coverHeight: 0.5*parseInt(svh),
      //css style string or false
      shadow: false,
      //same as above
      border: '3px #9CCC65 solid',
      //navbar height
      navHeight: '60px',
      //toggle size(when collapsed)
      toggleSize: 40


It calculates the required width of the navigation instead of using media query to decide whether it would be collapsed.


see example