A more flexible <Marquee> component for React

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  import reactMalarquee from '';




react-malarquee is a flexible <Marquee> tag replacement for React. It uses state-based animation, rather than css-animation.

The Marquee has two parts: the container and the content. The container an unmoving block, acting as a sort of billboard to define the space in which the animating content can move.



string | components Provide the content you would like to animate within the Marquee as children. Marquee accepts any mix of html, strings, and components. Style content as inline, inline-block, etc. if you want it to remain on a single line.

Default value: null

<Malarquee>This string will animate<\/Malarquee>
// or
<Malarquee children="So will this string" />
// or
<Malarquee><span>We Are </span><span>Inline, so we </span><span>don't stack</span><\/Malarquee>


boolean If true, pauses the Marquee's animation when the container is hovered over Default value: false


boolean If true, repeats the marquee content such that the line is continuously filled. Use padding or margins to create spaced between the coppies. Default value: true


number The rate at which the content moves in pixels per second (px / sec) Default value: 100