a light-weight Markdown editor based on React

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  • A light-weight(20KB zipped) Markdown editor of React component
  • Supports TypeScript
  • Supports custom markdown parser
  • Full markdown support
  • Supports pluggable function bars
  • Full control over UI
  • Supports image uploading and dragging
  • Supports synced scrolling between editor and preview
  • 一款轻量的基于React的Markdown编辑器, 压缩后代码只有20KB
  • 支持TypeScript
  • 支持自定义Markdown解析器
  • 支持常用的Markdown编辑功能,如加粗,斜体等等...
  • 支持插件化的功能键
  • 界面可配置, 如只显示编辑区或预览区
  • 支持图片上传或拖拽
  • 支持编辑区和预览区同步滚动


Online demo

Default configuration


Pluggable bars



npm install react-markdown-editor-lite --save
# or
yarn add react-markdown-editor-lite

Basic usage

Following steps:

  • Import react-markdown-editor-lite
  • Register plugins if required
  • Initialize a markdown parser, such as markdown-it
  • Start usage
// import react, react-markdown-editor-lite, and a markdown parser you like
import * as React from 'react'
import * as ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import MarkdownIt from 'markdown-it'
import MdEditor from 'react-markdown-editor-lite'
// import style manually
import 'react-markdown-editor-lite/lib/index.css';

// Register plugins if required
// MdEditor.use(YOUR_PLUGINS_HERE);

// Initialize a markdown parser
const mdParser = new MarkdownIt(/* Markdown-it options */);

// Finish!
function handleEditorChange({html, text}) {    
  console.log('handleEditorChange', html, text)
export default (props) => {
  return (
      style={{ height: "500px" }}
      renderHTML={(text) => mdParser.render(text)}

Usage in server-side render

If you are using a server-side render framework, like Next.js, Gatsby, please use client-side render for this editor.

For example, Next.js has next/dynamic, Gatsby has loadable-components

Following is a example for Next.js:

import dynamic from 'next/dynamic';
import 'react-markdown-editor-lite/lib/index.css';

const MdEditor = dynamic(() => import('react-markdown-editor-lite'), {
  ssr: false

export default function() {
  return (
      style={{ height: "500px" }}
      renderHTML={/* Render function */}

Import in Browser

Since 1.1.0, You can add script and link tags in your browser and use the global variable ReactMarkdownEditorLite.

You can download these files directly from cdnjs jsdelivr unpkg

Note: you should import react before ReactMarkdownEditorLite.

For example, in webpack, you import ReactMarkdownEditorLite by script tag in your page, and write webpack config like this:

externals: {
  react: 'React',
  'react-markdown-editor-lite': 'ReactMarkdownEditorLite'

More demos