React component for rendering mind maps

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React Mindmap [UNMANTAINED]

This project is no longer maintained. The component is still usable, but if you find any problem or if you want to improve it, you're welcome to submit a PR.

A React component for MindNode maps (or other mindmaps).


npm install react-mindmap --save


import { Component } from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';
import MindMap from 'react-mindmap';
import { nodes, connections } from './my-map.json';

class Example extends Component {
  render() {
    return (

  <Example nodes={nodes} connections={connections} />,



To test this repository run these commands

git clone
cd react-mindmap
npm install && npm run test

and connect to http://localhost:3000/


This repo also has a parser that automates the conversion of JSON maps from MindNode to the format used by this component. To use it run:

npm run parse path/to/mindnode/maps path/to/converted/maps


Prop Type Default Description
nodes Array [] Array of objects used to render nodes.
connections Array [] Array of objects used to render connections.
subnodes Array [] Array of objects used to render subnodes.
editable Boolean false Enable editor mode, which allows to move around nodes.


Array of objects used to render nodes. Below an example of the node structure.

  "text": "python",
  "url": "",
  "fx": -13.916222252976013,
  "fy": -659.1641376795345,
  "category": "wiki",
  "note": ""

The possible attributes are:

  • text: title of the node
  • url: url contained in the node
  • fx and fy: coordinates (if not present they'll be generated)
  • category: category used to generate an emoji
  • note: note that will be visible on hover


Array of objects used to render connections. Below an example of the connection structure.

  "source": "python",
  "target": "basics",
  "curve": {
    "x": -43.5535,
    "y": 299.545

The possible attributes are:

  • source: title of the node where the connection starts
  • target: title of the node where the connection ends
  • curve.x and curve.y: coordinates of the control point of a quadratic bezier curve (if not specified the connection will be straight)


Array of objects used to render subnodes. The structure is the same as for nodes with two additional attributes:

  • parent: title of the parent node
  • color: used for the margin color, needs to be a valid CSS color


Here's a list of all CSS classes for styling:

  • .mindmap-svg: main svg element containing the map;
  • .mindmap-node: foreignObject element representing a node;
  • .mindmap-node--editable: foreignObject element representing a node in editor mode;
  • .mindmap-subnode-group-text: foreignObject element containing all subnodes of a given node;
  • .mindmap-subnode-text: div element containing a subnode;
  • .mindmap-connection: path element for each connection;
  • .mindmap-emoji: img tag for emoji


If you want a new feature added, you find bugs or you want to help making some changes, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request. Any help would be greatly appreciated :heart: