React datetime picker powered by momentjs

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React datetime picker powered by momentjs. See the demo here.



Available properties:

Property Type Content Default Value
i18n JSON Entries to render i18n content See below for an example
showTime boolean True to display a separate input field for the time true
value Date The current value undefined
isValid function A function that receives a date and returns true if the date is valid input. Can be used to set a maximum or minimum value in the calendar (moment) => true
onChange function A function that will receive the value when the user introduces a valid date. Receives a JSON of name, value and strValue undefined

The default value of i18n:

  Date: 'Date',
  Time: 'Time',
  Close: 'Close',
  Hours: 'Hours',
  Minutes: 'Minutes',

  // date format
  format: 'YYYY-MM-DD',

  // locale ISO
  locale: 'en'

Check app.js for a working example.


Work on the code:

npm install
npm run build
npm run watch
xdg-open http://localhost:8080/example/

Work on the demo:


License and acknowledgements

Licensed under the MIT license

react-moment-datetime is based on the great job by Wang Zuo, the author of input-moment

Design inspired in