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Simple HTTP server for React Native. Created for

Since 0.5.0 supports and handles GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests. The library can be useful for handling requests with application/json content type (and this is the only content type we support at the current stage) and returning different responses.

Since 0.6.0 can handle millions of requests at the same time and also includes some very basic support for React Native QT.


npm install --save react-native-http-bridge

Automatically link

With React Native 0.27+

react-native link react-native-http-bridge


First import/require react-native-http-server:

    var httpBridge = require('react-native-http-bridge');

Initalize the server in the componentWillMount lifecycle method. You need to provide a port and a callback.

    componentWillMount() {
      // initalize the server (now accessible via localhost:1234)
      httpBridge.start(5561, function(request) {

          // you can use request.url, request.type and request.postData here
          if (request.type === "GET" && request.url.split("/")[1] === "users") {
            httpBridge.respond(200, "application/json", "{\"message\": \"OK\"}");
          } else {
            httpBridge.respond(400, "application/json", "{\"message\": \"Bad Request\"}");


Finally, ensure that you disable the server when your component is being unmounted.

  componentWillUnmount() {