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ReactNative: Native App Tour Library (Android/iOS)

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This library is a React Native bridge around native app tour libraries. It allows show/guide beautiful tours:

Android: KeepSafe/TapTargetView
iOS: aromajoin/material-showcase-ios

📖 Getting started

$ npm install react-native-app-tour --save

Supported react-native 61 and above

  • iOS

iOS Prerequisite: Please make sure CocoaPods is installed on your system

- Add the following to your `Podfile` -> `ios/Podfile` and run pod update:

  pod 'RNAppTour', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-app-tour/ios'

  use_frameworks! :linkage => :static

  pod 'MaterialShowcase'

  # Follow [Flipper iOS Setup Guidelines](
  # This is required because iOSPhotoEditor is implemented using Swift and we have to use use_frameworks! in Podfile
  $static_framework = ['FlipperKit', 'Flipper', 'Flipper-Folly',
    'CocoaAsyncSocket', 'ComponentKit', 'Flipper-DoubleConversion',
    'Flipper-Glog', 'Flipper-PeerTalk', 'Flipper-RSocket', 'Yoga', 'YogaKit',
    'CocoaLibEvent', 'OpenSSL-Universal', 'boost-for-react-native']

  pre_install do |installer|
    Pod::Installer::Xcode::TargetValidator.send(:define_method, :verify_no_static_framework_transitive_dependencies) {}
    installer.pod_targets.each do |pod|
        if $static_framework.include?(
          def pod.build_type;

  • Please make sure Flipper iOS Setup Guidelines steps are added to Podfile, since MaterialShowcase is implemented using Swift and we have to use use_frameworks! in Podfile

  • Android

Please add below snippet into your app build.gradle

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }


  • If you install this package and get an error saying postinstall failed this most likely means
    • You are trying to run install modules from outside of project root (react-native-git-upgrade)
      • FIX: remove react-native-app-tour from package.json and rerun
    • Pods version is out of date.
      • pod repo update
  • If you encounter File not found in iOS issue while setup, please refer ISSUE - 3 issue which might help you in order to resolve.
  • If you have problems with Android Trying to resolve view with tag which doesn't exist or can't resolve tag. Please add props collapasable: false to your View

🎨 API's

  • AppTourView.for: AppTourTarget
let appTourTarget = AppTourView.for(Button, {...native-library-props})

  • AppTourSequence
    • add(AppTourTarget)
    • remove(AppTourTarget)
    • removeAll
    • get(AppTourTarget)
    • getAll
let appTourSequence = new AppTourSequence()
this.appTourTargets.forEach(appTourTarget => {

  • AppTour
    • ShowFor(AppTourTarget)
    • ShowSequence(AppTourTargets)

💡 Props


  • General(iOS & Android)
Prop Type Default Note
order: mandatory number Specify the order of tour target
title string Specify the title of tour
description string Specify the description of tour
outerCircleColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify a color for the outer circle
targetCircleColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify a color for the target circle
titleTextSize number 20 Specify the size (in sp) of the title text
titleTextColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify the color of the title text
descriptionTextSize number 10 Specify the size (in sp) of the description text
descriptionTextColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify the color of the description text
targetRadius number 60 Specify the target radius (in dp)
cancelable bool true Whether tapping anywhere dismisses the view
  • Android
Prop Type Default Note
collapsable: mandatory bool Specify collapsable false if your view just contains children. Please read view#collapsable for the details
outerCircleAlpha number 0.96f Specify the alpha amount for the outer circle
textColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify a color for both the title and description text
dimColor string: HEX-COLOR If set, will dim behind the view with 30% opacity of the given color
drawShadow bool true Whether to draw a drop shadow or not
tintTarget bool true Whether to tint the target view's color
transparentTarget bool true Specify whether the target is transparent (displays the content underneath)
  • iOS
Prop Type Default Note
backgroundPromptColor string: HEX-COLOR Specify background prompt color
backgroundPromptColorAlpha number 0.96 Specify background prompt color alpha
titleTextAlignment string left Specify primary text alignment: Left, Right, Top, Bottom
descriptionTextAlignment string left Specify secondary text alignment: Left, Right, Top, Bottom
aniComeInDuration number 0.5 Specify animation come In Duration
aniGoOutDuration number 1.5 Specify animation Go Out Duration
aniRippleColor string: HEX-COLOR #FFFFFF Specify ripple color
aniRippleAlpha number 0.2 Specify ripple alpha

🔧 Breaking Changes

  • V0.0.4

    • Generalized props across platforms @congnguyen91
    • Migrated License to Apache 2.0
  • V0.0.10

    • Added order as a mandatory property to each target
    • Each component which is to be rendered in the tour should have a key prop. It is mandatory.

✨ Credits

🤔 How to contribute

Have an idea? Found a bug? Please raise to ISSUES. Contributions are welcome and are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

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📜 License

This library is provided under the Apache 2 License.

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