🍭🧁⛱️📦Cache all kinds of remote dependencies.

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📦 react-native-basement

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React Native Basement defines a way to easily cache remote dependencies, whether they're images, JSON or raw file content. Using the useBasement hook, extensible declarative resource caching is a breeze. 🌊

Caching a support is a little patchy in React Native. There's iOS-only support for the Image component, or dedicated libraries for specific types.

If you're only interested in caching images, I'd suggest taking a look at react-native-cached-image. If you're interested in caching anything else, such as SVGs, Videos or Lottie Animations, then this project is your friend!

🚀 installing

yarn add react-native-basement # or npm -i -s react-native-basement

That's about it! Please check out the Getting Started guide for integration details. There's also an included Example App.

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