React Native integration of push notifications SDK

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React Native integration of push notifications SDK

Getting started

$ npm install react-native-batch-push --save

Mostly automatic installation

react-native link react-native-batch-push

iOS specific

If you don't have a Podfile or are unsure on how to proceed, see the CocoaPods usage guide.

In your Podfile, add:

pod 'Batch', '~> 1.10'


cd ios
pod repo update # optional and can be very long
pod install



Go to the Batch dashboard, create an Android app and setup your FCM configuration. Make sure to have added Firebase Messaging as stated in the Batch documentation. Then, in android/app/build.gradle, provide in your config:

defaultConfig {
    resValue "string", "BATCH_API_KEY", "%YOUR_BATCH_API_KEY%"

Note that you can also customize the keys depending on your product flavor or build type.

Small push notification icon

It is recommended to provide a small notification icon in your

// push_icon.png in your res/drawable-{dpi} folder
import android.os.Bundle;


    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Mobile landings and in-app messaging

If you set a custom launchMode in your AndroidManifest.xml, add in your

// import android.content.Intent;
// import;

public void onNewIntent(Intent intent)
    Batch.onNewIntent(this, intent);



Go to the Batch dashboard, create an iOS app and upload your iOS push certificate. Then, in Info.plist, provide:



Enabling push notifications

import BatchPush from 'react-native-batch-push';

// when you want to ask the user if he's willing to receive push notifications (required on iOS):

// if you want to give a custom identifier to the user, you need to call loginUser and logoutUser
BatchPush.loginUser('theUserId'); // call this when the user logs in; add Platform.OS if you want to target a specific platform on your backend
BatchPush.logoutUser(); // call this when the user logs out

Custom User Attribute

import BatchPush from 'react-native-batch-push';

// if you want to set a user attribute, use setAttribute (takes two string arguments)
BatchPush.setAttribute('age', '23');

// if you want to set a user attribute of type Date, use setDateAttribute (takes the key and a timestamp as arguments)
BatchPush.setDateAttribute('lastLoginDate', 539829038);

Track User Location

import BatchPush from 'react-native-batch-push';

// if you want to track the user's location
BatchPush.trackLocation({ latitude: 48, longitude: 2.3 });


import BatchPush from 'react-native-batch-push';

BatchPush.fetchNewNotifications('theUserId', 'authKey')
  .then(notifications => {
    // notifications is Array<{ title: string, body: string, timestamp: number, payload: Object }>
  .catch(e => console.warn('BatchPush error', e));