Central role BLE for react native noble api surface

Usage no npm install needed!

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Central role ble for react native. Technically a shim for the excellent noble Only supports scanning advertisements currently. Ive successfully tested wimoto and eddystone-beacon-scanner on top of of this require.


The depenency story on react native is still very incomplete so bear with me. From your existing react native project:

npm i --save react-native-ble

Next see the react native linking guide for visual instructions, but you need to open your project and from node_modules/react-native-estimote drag RNBLE.xcodeproj into your project file browser under Libraries. Then, navigate to your top level project and for your main target, click Build Phases and drag the RNBLE.a Product into the Link Binary With Libraries section. Finally, click the plus button and add CoreBluetooth.framework as well.


See the noble api for usage

var noble = ('react-native-ble');


See the example which utilizes the preferred method of using this module, aliased via webpack, allowing you to utilize the existing ecosystem that already exists.