Enhanced stylesheet for react native.

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  import reactNativeBlush from '';


Blush 🛠

Blush is a small function with a set of helpers to make creating styles in react native more productive and easy

✅ Working Features!

  • Get access to device width and height and a normalize function
  • Set styles for every platform
const style = Blush(({deviceWidth,deviceHeight,normalize})=>({
    container: {
      margin: deviceWidth,
      ios: {
        padding: deviceHeight
      android: {
          fontSize: normalize(16)
  • You can use Blush without passing a function if you don't need the helpers
const style = Blush({
    container: {
      margin: 10,
      ios: {
        padding: 10
      android: {
          fontSize: 16
          backgroundColor: "#fff"


This module is distributed via npm and should be installed as one of your project's dependencies:

$ yarn add react-native-blush

From here you can now import this module:

$ import Blush from 'react-native-blush'


This project is in early stage development. Your contributions are welcome! take a look at the todos.


  • enhanced margin and padding
  • spread styles functionality
  • just hodor more features are coming