A bottom sheet that uses Material sheets #specs. Written in pure JS.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import reactNativeBottomSheetJs from '';


A bottom sheet that uses Material sheets #specs. Written in pure JS.


npm i react-native-bottom-sheet-js


yarn add react-native-bottom-sheet-js

if you are using Yarn


import BottomSheet from 'react-native-bottom-sheet-js'

// To open sheet do

// Always put <BottomSheet> at the very bottom of the screen file
  {/* Other content here. */}
    ref={bottomSheet => { this.bottomSheet = bottomSheet }}
    <Text>This is the content that will display when the bottom sheet is open.</Text>


  • backgroundColor

    • String

    Color of the background

  • minHeight

    • Number

    Minimum height of the sheet when open. default value is 56 as stated the minimum height of a sheet must be 56dp.

  • maxHeight

    • Number

    Maximum height of the sheet when open(only triggers when you have a lot of content). default value is 50%(Dimensions.get('window).height) of the screen height. as stated the maximum height of a sheet must be half of the screen size which is 50%.

  • contentStyle

    • Object

    Style of the content component. Only accepts object as a parameter. If you specify a height on this component be sure to have it <= maxHeight so it won't clamp and render stuff out of place. You can add paddings or margins here.


  • open()

    • Opens the bottom sheet.
  • close()

    • Closes the sheet.
  • toggle()

    • Open or closes the sheet based on last state.


Open for PR's. Any improvements or fixes are welcome!