React Native Component for adding a Braille Six-Key Input keypad overlay.

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React Native Braille Six Key Input

An NPM Package for React Native for a Six-Key Input Overlay for Braille Characters on mobile smart devices.

To have this render your input as Braille, you will need to import a Braille font, like the SimBraille Font or the AppleBraille font that comes with Apple Mac OS computers, into your Project.

The react-native-braill-six-key-input NPM Package in action in a Gif image.

To Install:

$ npm install react-native-braille-six-key-input

To Install & Save as a Dependency in your package.json:

$ npm install react-native-braille-six-key-input --save

After installing package, make sure to install all NPM dependencies for your project from the root of your project —

$ npm i

We also have a React Native Expo Runtime App which you can use to see the package in action as part of our GitHub repository for this NPM package.

Coming in the future —

  • For Tablets, angled fingered buttons in landscape mode.
  • Accessability speech.
  • Optional Light-colored background

If you wish to contribute to this package or initiate a Pull Request, please write us first at: