Bucks UI Kit uses React Native & by using that you are allowed to easily deploy your app to Android & iOS with a single development codebase. More info at Buy it from

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Bucks UI Kit


We're glad to present you a component-based mobile UI kit that should help you design your next mobile app. You should be able to combine these components to create almost any desired screen and maintain a clean and consistent look across the app.

Our developers are already in an advanced state delivering to you a React Native library based on the Bucks UI Kit. If you want to request other components added, please don't hesitate to ask for it on our chat.


  • all screens in 3 colors: Pink, Teal and Turquoise
  • it contains the sketch file with all the pages
  • contains the photoshop files for all the pages
  • it has all the react-native code
  • online documentation

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Love <3, Epic Coders team.