Key-value based cache service for React Native.

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React Native Cache Service

Key-value based cache service for React Native.

Getting started

Install the package

npm i --save react-native-cache-async

Import the module

import { CacheService } from "react-native-cache-async";

Available methods

set(cacheKey, value, timeToExpire) - Inserts a value into the cache object.
get(cacheKey) - Returns a key from the cache object.
getKeys() - Returns all keys from the cache object.
isExpired(cacheKey) - Checks if the key is expired based on timeToExpire.
removeKey(cacheKey) - Removes a key from the cache object.
clear() - Clear the cache object.

Usage example

import { CacheService } from "react-native-cache-async";

class MyApp {
  constructor() {
    this.cacheService = new CacheService();
  async insertCacheValue() {
    const userData = {
      name: 'Maikon',
      age: 23
    // Means that if now is 8:30 PM, will expire at 8:35PM
    const timeToExpire = 5;
    await this.cacheService.set('userData', userData, timeToExpire);
  async getCacheValue() {
    const isExpired = await this.cacheService.isExpired('userData');
    if (!isExpired) {
      // If exists returns the object, else returns false.
      return await this.cacheService.get('userData');
    return 'Expired key!';
  async removeCacheKey() {
    return await this.cacheService.removeKey('userData');