`CheckBoxGroup` is not just a checkbox, it is a Grouped checkbox ===

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CheckBoxGroup is not just a checkbox, it is a Grouped checkbox

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npm install react-native-checkboxgroup


this lib only expose one default component called CheckBoxGroup , it treats each child as an checkbox option. it self also has a feature to toggle all the options at a time. the typical usage is the shopping cart like Tmall or JD.

below is the example:

import CheckBoxGroup from "react-native-checkboxgroup"

    <Text key="B">this is a simplest checkbox item</Text>
    <View key="CC">
        this is more complex checkbox item
    <CustomComp key="BBB">also any custom UI can be a checkbox item</CustomComp>

in this example there are 3 checkbox options in one group .each option has an interactive indicator telling whether it is selected or not . The indicator is highly customizable, also the layout of the item is customizable by rowTemplate

indicator by default is   on/off
| ⬛️ |     here is the group title  |----------> title Bar is consist of the title and indicator
| ⬛️ |  this is a simplest checkbox item		|-----> option item is consist of the indicator and a child ui
| ⬛️ |  this is more complex checkbox item	|
| ⬛️ |  also any custom UI can be a checkbox item	|
| here is the group footer  |----------> pure UI element no check box available, for tips purpose


***all children in CheckBoxGroup tag MUST have the key property ,it reuse the key props of react as the item's id, it tells who is selected. But there is one exception ,that is the outermost CheckBoxGroup , it use identifier as the id prop but it is optional ***

the Nested CheckBoxGroup ***extends all the customizable props of the father CheckBoxGroup by default ,so it means plz do config on top level CheckBoxGroup ***

it also support radio mode ,under this mode plz don't nest CheckBoxGroup too deep, more then 2 depth is not predictable .

property signature description
identifier?: string; the id of the outermost CheckBoxGroup
mode?:"RadioGroupMode" switch on the radio mode ,the toggle api of CheckBoxGroup doesn't work of under this mode ,it makes sense, also the indicator of the group is not visible
isGroupTitleBarVisiable?:boolean; should show the title bar of the group ,default true
renderTitle?:()=>React.ReactElement; customize the title of the group
renderCheckBox?: (isSelected: boolean) => ReactElement; customize the indicator UI
rowTemplate?: (checkbox: ReactElement, item: React.ReactNode,key:string) => ReactElement; customize the layout of one option item,PARAMS=> checkbox the customized indicator rendered by renderCheckBox if exist, or on/off by default ,PARAMS=>itemCheckBoxGroup the child ui (UI in CheckBoxGroup tag),PARAMS=>key:the id of the option item
onChange?:(k:SelectedStatus)=>void; the select status (include the nested childrens' status) changed by user
Method Desc
getSelectedValue(isFilterFalse:boolean=true):SelectedStatus use this to get the group status manually,by default it only return the selected option items,by setting isFilterFalse to false to get all option status no matter selected or not
toggle(trueOrFalse?:boolean): void; select all or deselect all option of a group


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