A react native module for simple hex color selection

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React Native Color Palette.

A react native module for simple hex color selection

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  • Controlled and Uncontrolled implementations
  • Simple to use

Getting started

Install the color picker

npm install react-native-color-palette --save
import ColorPalette from 'react-native-color-palette'

const UncontrolledColorPicker = () => (
    onChange={color => alert(`Color selected: ${color}`)}
    colors={['#C0392B', '#E74C3C', '#9B59B6', '#8E44AD', '#2980B9']}
    title={"Uncontrolled Color Palette:"}
      // Icon can just be text or ASCII

const ControlledColorPicker = () => {
  let selectedColor = '#C0392B';
  return (
      onChange={color => selectedColor = color}
      colors={['#C0392B', '#E74C3C', '#9B59B6', '#8E44AD', '#2980B9']}
      title={"Controlled Color Palette:"}
        <Icon name={'check-circle-o'} size={25} color={'black'} />
      // React-Native-Vector-Icons Example

Due to its Flexbox design, Color Palette will use the space you provide!



Color Palette accepts properties below.

Property Type Note
colors Array Array of hex color strings for rendering. ex) ['#C0392B', '#E74C3C', '#9B59B6', '#8E44AD', '#2980B9']
defaultColor String Defines initial selected color in uncontrolled component.
value String Defines selected color in controlled component.
paletteStyles ViewStyle Styles passed to color palette container
onChange Function Callback with color (HEX string) as argument called when user confirms color selection.
title String Text to display at the top of the palette.
titleStyles TextStyle Inherits the default react-native Text Styles
icon Text or Icon Selector Text or Icon to be displayed in place of checkmark.
scaleToWindow Bool This will automatically scale the palette to fit 6 per line and will scale up/down for iPads/ iPhones depending on window size