Utility components for better react native development experience

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React Native Comp Util

Utility components for better react native development exerience.


  • Pure JS, lightweight, works on Android, iOS and Web
  • Helpful development logging method for CLI in __DEV__ environment only
  • Easy jQuery like ref helper method
  • Wrapper around TouchableNativeFeedback for iOS and Web


npm install react-native-comp-util


import { Component } from 'react'
import { View, Text } from 'react-native'

import { Comp, Compact, TouchableNativeFeedback } from 'react-native-comp-util'

class FirstComp extends Compact {
    someMethod() {
        // console.log() but with some helpful formatting for development CLI
        this.log('FirstComp.someMethod() was called')
    render() {
        // super.render() call will prevent this component from updating later on
        return (
            <Text>Hello First Comp</Text>

class SecondComp extends Comp {
    onPress = () => {
        // or use this way
        // this.$('firstComp').someMethod()
    render() {
        return (
            // TouchableWithoutFeedback will be used on iOS and Web
                background={TouchableNativeFeedback.Ripple(`rgba(0,0,0,0.32)`, false)}
                    <Text>Hello Second Comp</Text>
                    <FirstComp ref={this.$('firstComp')} />

export default SecondComp



This class extends React's Component class with some useful methods.


It is a formatted development logging method which is only prints logs in development builds (when __DEV__ is true) and it is just an empty function otherwise. format includes the name of the component class, equal gap before messages and a collapsed stack trace on the web devTools.


It is a method that calls forceUpdate() on the component


It creates a reference of a component instance when used like <View ref={this.$('compName')}></View> on the component


It returns a reference of a component instance created by $('compName') which can be used like this.$compname.someMethod() or like this.$('compname').someMethod()


It contains the references created by $('compName')


This class extends Comp class with 2 additional methods.


It sets property rendered = 1 and increments property renderCount by 1 and this method is to be used like super.render() in the implemented render method.


It checkes rendered property and returns false if it is not equal to zero, which will prevent the component from updating.


On iOS and Web, it extends React Native's TouchableWithoutFeedback with static methods like Ripple(), SelectableBackground(), SelectableBackgroundBorderless(), canUseNativeForeground() for compatibility with TouchableNativeFeedback usage.