Customizable DatePickerIOS component (textColor)

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Customizable DatePickerIOS compoent.

This functionality was implemented by @nitrogenlabs PR#10356, but wasn't accepted because of private API usage and risk of App Store publication rejection. So I decided to create separate package which implements this functionality because we wont' see it merged to React Native.

You can integrate this package with react-native-wheel-datepicker to provide same API for both Android and iOS platforms.

See the 'CustomDatePickerIOS integration' section in react-native-wheel-datepicker README.

Features implemented:

  • textColor

How to use

Run command

npm i react-native-custom-datepicker-ios
// or
yarn add react-native

Then link iOS dependencies

react-native link react-native-custom-datepicker-ios

Example Code

You can see some usage code inside project's examples folder.

import CustomDatePickerIOS from 'react-native-custom-datepicker-ios';

// ...
state = {
  currentDate: new Date(),

handleDateChange = currentDate => this.setState({ currentDate });

render() {
  return (
      style={{ width: '100%' }}


If you want to add new features such as changing separators color, your PR is welcome!