react native decompile apk and ipa(soon)

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React Native Decompiler [ALPHA]

A CLI for React Native that allows you to decompile JS code of Android and IOS.



Decompiles React Native JS files. Webpack files too!

Also tries to remove some compilation artifacts (via internal plugins, ESLint, and Prettier) to make it easier to read.

using npx

npx react-native-decompiler

using npm

npm i -g react-native-decompiler

# or you can write blow command



Example 1: npx react-native-decompiler -i ./ -o ./output

Example 2: npx react-native-decompiler -i ./main.jsbundle -o ./output

Example 3: react-native-decompiler -i ./ -o ./output

Example 4: rnd -i ./ -o ./output

Command params:

  • -i (required) - input file/folder
  • -o (required) - the path to the output folder
  • -e - a module ID, if specified will only decompile that module & it's dependencies.
  • -p - performance monitoring flag, will print out runtime for each decompiler plugin
  • -v - verbose flag, does not include debug logging (use DEBUG=react-native-decompiler:* env flag for that)
  • --es6 - attempts to decompile to ES6 module syntax.
  • --noEslint - does not run ESLint after doing decompilation
  • --prettier - does not run Prettier after doing decompilation
  • --unpackOnly - only unpacks the app with no other adjustments
  • --decompileIgnored - decompile ignored modules (modules are generally ignored if they are flagged as an NPM module)
  • --agressiveCache - skips some cache checks at the expense of possible cache desync
  • --noProgress - don't show progress bar
  • --debug - when also given a module ID, will print out that modules code after any plugin handles the app.


Extract from APK

installation of apktool

For Macbook

brew install apktool

For Linux

apt-get install -y apktool

For Window

you can read installion step for window DOCS

after install apktool, unzip apk file by run this command on terminal like this:

apktool  d /pathOfApkFile.apk

After that you will get file at pathOfApkFile/assets/

than you can use react-native-decompiler for decompile file


Extract main.jsbundle from IPA

you can unzip ipa by unzip command on terminal

$ unzip AppName.ipa

after unzip, you will get Playload folder, then you have to copy main.jsbundle file. there are two ways to copy this file as follow below

  1. run this command cp ./Payload/ ./ to get get main.jsbundle file

  2. Go to Payload folder and right click on and choose Show Package Contents then you will find main.jsbundle file at root. you can copy this file to any location

after getting main.jsbundle you can use react-native-decompiler for decompile main.jsbundle file

Valid inputs

The following input formats are currently supported:

  • A single file that contains all modules (most cases for React Native)
  • A folder containing React Native modules (usually called js-modules) in "unbundled" apps
  • A single Webpack entrypoint bundle file (entrypoint bundles begin with !function(e), chunked bundles start with window.webpackJsonp)
  • A folder containg Webpack chunks, where at least one file is the entrypoint


The decompiler operates on a tagger -> editor -> decompiler system.

  • Taggers - Manipulates the module metadata
  • Editors - Manipulates the module lines (add, move, or remove).
  • Decompilers - Manipulates the module code.

To add a new plugin, add it into the represpective list.

The plugins are initialized per module, so any data you store in your plugins will only persist for the current module.

If your plugin needs to be run before or after other plugins, adjust the ordering in the list, or modify it's pass position.


  • When doing any modifications to the AST, use the NodePath methods.
  • When you are only doing reading, directly reading from .node is acceptable.

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