Get device setting for time format in react-native

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On mobile devices users have the option to opt in/out, of the systems locale, in regards to 12/24 hour clock format:

12/24 time format iOS settings

This package exposes this device setting for iOS & Android.


This package was heavily inspired by react-native-device-clock-format, which is "no longer actively maintained", and only supports iOS.

Thank you 🙏

Getting started

Install with your preferred package manager:

yarn add react-native-device-time-format


npm install react-native-device-time-format --save &&

For iOS, install pod:

(cd ios/ && pod install)

For React Native < 0.60, run:

react-native link react-native-device-time-format

Should the automatic linking fail (in case of folder structure mismatch or various other reasons), please follow the manual installation guide.


Bellow is an example of fetching the hours & minutes string representation from a date, with the device time format (using moment for date/time formatting):

import { is24HourFormat } from 'react-native-device-time-format'
import moment from 'moment'

 * @function getCurrentHourFormat
 * @param  {Date} date Date to format
 * @return {Promise<string>} formatted string HH:mm / h:mm A, depending on device setting
const getCurrentHourFormat = async (date) => {
  const is24Hour = await is24HourFormat()
  return moment(date).format(is24Hour ? 'HH:mm' : 'h:mm A'))

All native modules runs asynchronous, I would suggest updating an internal state in your app when AppState changes to active.